Fairplay Collective is an organization/company/movement formed in the spring of 2006 in New York City’s Lower East Side. Its founding members, Irish immigrants and US natives, initially came together to promote themselves as a new vanguard of singer/songwriters around Greenwich Village.

This revival of great songsmithery is spearheaded by Mark Dignam, Jenna Nicholls, Michael Brunnock, and Brendan O’ Shea. These four, excellent performers in themselves, have come together and have invited friends forming one collective, to share, ideas, resources and costs freeing up members to concentrate on the creative processes of writing and performing. In 2010 we were delighted to bring Niall Connolly into the Collective.

The individuals create an exciting synergy and a slightly left of center, improvisational environment featuring unique harmonies and supportive instrumental voicings.

Fairplay Collective aims to present a collective front, both in terms of performance and within the music industry itself. We maintain a forward view of becoming one voice, reflecting many talents on upcoming shows and future projects.

The collective is supported by a staff of friends and serious music fans who have dedicated themselves and their talents to building the careers of the artist members.

Fairplay Collective and Reverbnation/FairplayCollective will be resources enabling serious music fans to discover more great music by other artists of a similar genre -whether they are members of the collective or not- while at the same time allowing long time fans to continue to hear something fresh… yet familiar.


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